Monthly Archive: October 2014

Flashback the Database Using SCN


Bringing Back The Database to Previous State after Importing a schema Using Flashback Technology         

Step 1 : Firstly we should enable flashback on the database.

shutdown immediate;

     startup mount;        
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Recreating the Oracle Inventory files in Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g

  • Normally, an oraInventory directory will be created in the system when we run the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) first time on a system.


Oracle Inventory – oraInventory

  • oraInventory is repository which stores the oracle software products and their home locations (ORACLE_HOME) in a system. This oraInventory is created on the first run of the Oracle Universal Installer in the system.
  • There are two types of Inventories. They are,

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RMAN Active Duplication an Overview:

It is a new feature in Oracle 11g where cloning is done from one database to another database without any outage or downtime of the primary database.

Earlier we use to clone the database using cold back or rman backup. But RMAN Active duplication feature allows a database to be duplicated directly from its live source database instead of using its backup.
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