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Oracle GoldenGate Studio 12.2.1 – Repository Creation Utility (RCU)

Hope you would have enjoyed installing the Oracle GoldenGate Studio in my last post. So the next step is to create a Repository for Oracle GoldenGate Studio.

A Repository database is needed for the Oracle GoldenGate Studio to store all the information of the architecture and mappings. To create the repository, Oracle GoldenGate studio provides us with REPOSITORY CREATION UTILITY (RCU). We need to run this to create the Repository.

Now, let get in to on How to create the Repository.

  1. As I already mentioned that there is a file “rcu” to be run to create the Repository. This file will be in the below mentioned directory,

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Oracle GoldenGate Studio 12.2.1

A Long time awaited Oracle GoldenGate Studio 12.2.1 got released on 21-Jan-2016. The binaries are available in the below link,


What is Oracle GoldenGate Studio?

Oracle GoldenGate Studio is a Graphical based designing tool for Oracle GoldenGate which enables deploying High volumes of data with real time replication by automatically handling table and column mappings. It also has a drag and drop feature of custom mappings. So Oracle GoldenGate Studio allows the new users to Oracle GoldenGate start configuring and replicating data in a ease manner with less effort. No worries about the experienced users, since they are offered with the Advanced Replication Options with Oracle GoldenGate Studio.
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