Monthly Archive: April 2015

RMAN 12c New Feature – Multi-Section Backup

In Oracle 12c, there are many features and improvements in RMAN – Recovery Manager. One of the improvements is RMAN Multi-Section Backup. In this article, I have explained about this Multi-Section backup and it’s enhancements.


Multi-Section Backup Improvements

  • Multi-Section option was introduced in Oracle 11g to handle large Datafiles backups.
  • Using this option RMAN can split up or break up a large file into sections during the backup and recovery.
  • This improves the performance of backup and recovery of a large Datafiles.

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These parameters are configured in the Replicat side and they are set to continue the data processing if there are some data integrity issues on the Target tables. Upon setting these parameters Replicat Process tries to resolve the duplicate and missing records when applying the sql on the Target tables. These parameters are mainly used during the Initial Loads, when loading the data for synchronizing the Target Tables with Source.

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