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Oracle GoldenGate Initial Load Techniques

What is GoldenGate Initial Load?

Before Starting any Oracle GoldenGate Online Replication, we should see to that  both Source and Target are in Sync. There are different techniques or methods to achieve this.

The GoldenGate offers a technique called Initial Load which is used to synchronize both Source and Target databases. This is the first step in the Oracle GoldenGate data replication.

An amazing feature given by the GoldenGate is the ability for the Change Synchronization that keeps track of the Online transactional change during the Initial Load is being run. These change synchronization processes runs concurrently with the Initial Load which are later reconciled with the Initial Load.
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What is Oracle GoldenGate?

Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate


  • It is the strategic replication tool for Oracle database and also for Heterogeneous databases. It means data can be replicated to one another, independent of the database platforms.
  • It is a strategic solution for Real Time Data Integration.
  • It enables mission critical systems to have continuous availability and access to real-time data.
  • It offers a fast and robust solution for replicating transactional data between operational and analytical systems.

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Memory requirement for Oracle GoldenGate Integrated Extract

In Oracle GoldenGate when using Integrated Mode, STREAMS_POOL plays an Vital role. The Integrated process, takes the shared memory from the “STREAMS POOL”.
STREAMS POOL is one of the memory components of the SGA. It is given as STREAMS_POOL_SIZE. The STREAMS_POOL_SIZE should be sized according to the number of Integrated Extracts used in the Database System. We should also take considerations of other process which uses the STREAMS POOL in the database.


By default, Each Integrated Extract process requests the logmining sever to run with MAX_SGA_SIZE of 1G. MAX_SGA_SIZE is the “STREAMS POOL SIZE”. While Configuring the Integrated Extract we use to give the below parameter.,
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OGG-02091 Oracle GoldenGate Delivery for Oracle, rep1.prm: Operation not supported because enable_goldengate_replication is not set to true


OGG-02091  Oracle GoldenGate Delivery for Oracle, rep1.prm:  Operation not supported because enable_goldengate_replication is not set to true


When I started the Replicat process in Target I Ended up with the Error

OGG-02091 Oracle GoldenGate Delivery for Oracle, rep1.prm:  Operation not supported because enable_goldengate_replication is not set to true

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