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From Oracle GoldenGate 12c onwards, a new feature for security purpose has been introduced known as CREDENTIALSTORE. Using this feature, we can manage the USER ID’s and it’s corresponding passwords which are used by the Oracle GoldenGate processes to interact with the Local Databases for the use of Replication.


So the usernames and passwords will be secured. Upon using this feature the usernames and passwords used in the Oracle GoldenGate process groups or even when we login as an Admin user in the GGSCI, will not be displayed. An optional ALIAS name can be used instead of entering the username and password.

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SHOWSYNTAX : Oracle GoldenGate Tool To Debug A Replicat


Oracle GoldenGate has provided an excellent parameter to debug the Replicat process called SHOWSYNTAX. Obviously this should be used in the Target side (Replicat). This parameter is used to start an interactive session. That is, whenever an INSERT is replicated from Source to Target, before it is getting applied to the Target, the respective SQL statement will be displayed on screen. Upon using this parameter, you can view each and every Replicat SQL statement before it is applied.

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These parameters are configured in the Replicat side and they are set to continue the data processing if there are some data integrity issues on the Target tables. Upon setting these parameters Replicat Process tries to resolve the duplicate and missing records when applying the sql on the Target tables. These parameters are mainly used during the Initial Loads, when loading the data for synchronizing the Target Tables with Source.

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One of the member in the Oracle Community raised the below query. So I tested it and the solution is given below,

Suppose if i am deleting some records in Target Database like(one month data i deleted).Same data if i try to update in source database what will happen?
I tried this scenario in our environment,as i expected no change in target database(no error).If it has to update in Target database ,the data should be there.Now what my question is ,how should i replicate the deleted data in Target?is there any configuration available in OGG.I hope so ,i explained clearly.Please let me know if you need any details.Plesae help me for solution.


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OGG-02024 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, An attempt to gather information about the logmining server configuration from the Oracle database failed

OGG-02024  Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle,  An attempt to gather information about the logmining server configuration from the Oracle database failed

OGG-00662  Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, OCI Error retrieving bind info for query (status = 100).

I mistakenly deleted an Integrated Extract process UODSEXT without unregistering the Extract first. The actual procedure to delete an Integrated Extract is, first it should be Unregistered and then it should be deleted.
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