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Oracle 12c – Clone Pluggable Database

How to Clone a Pluggable Database?

In my last post, I had explained the steps to Unplug and Plug in the Pluggable Database in a CDB. Now in this post, we will see about the Cloning mechanism for the Pluggable Databases in a Multitenant Architecture.

Currently, we have the below databases.,

Container Database – GGCDB1

Pluggable Database – PDB1 and PDB2

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How to Unplug and Plug In Your Pluggable Database in Oracle 12c

In Oracle 12c, a new architecture has been introduced called Multitenant Architecture. One Container Database (CDB) consisting of many Pluggable Databases (PDBs). So these Pluggable Databases can be unplugged from and plugged in to any other Container Database (CDB). Let us see how this can be done.

UnPlug and Plug in the PDB Database

To Unplug and Plug in the Pluggable Database database (PDB) from One Container Database (CDB)to another Container Database (CDB), the primary thing is we should be connected to the root CDB and to the PDB.

There are also some considerations to be taken care of when Unplugging and Plugging the PDB from one CDB to another CDB.
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After Upgrading from Oracle to Oracle Could not enter in to RMAN prompt – RMAN-00554 RMAN-03000 RMAN-06001 RMAN-01009 RMAN-01008 RMAN-01007

I upgraded my Oracle Database from Oracle version to Oracle version using the DBUA (Database Upgrade Assistant). My upgrade completed successfully without any errors. My application is also working fine.

The day completed and my new Oracle 12c database was running fine with any issues. As we DBAs do, I tried to backup my database using the RMAN. So executed the command rman to enter in to the RMAN prompt. But ended up with the below error.,

<hostname>:/oracle/<DBSID>/121/rdbms/admin 80> rman
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