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Oracle GoldenGate 18c

By October 20, 2018September 1st, 2019No Comments

Oracle GoldenGate 18c

The most awaited Oracle GoldenGate 18c is released and it is available for download. You can download it using the below links,

Overview of Oracle GoldenGate 18c

As usual it has two types of binaries

    • Classic or Traditional Architecture

    • Microservices Architecture

You can see as below when you visit the above mentioned links,

DownloadOracle GoldenGate for Oracle on Linux x86-64 (375 MB)
DownloadOracle GoldenGate Microservices for Oracle on Linux x86-64 (549 MB)

Below are the Oracle Versions it supports,

      • Oracle 11g –

      • Oracle 12c –,

      • Oracle 18c – 18.1.0 (Cloud), 18.3.0 (On-Premise)

From this release (OGG 18c), by default Classic Extract is deprecated for Oracle Databases. It will be available, but there will no new features included in it. It will be as same as in the earlier versions.

Below is the Certification Matrix for OGG 18c,

      • ORACLE –

      • Linux x86-64 (Classic & Microservices Architecture)
      • Solaris SPARC

  • Solaris x86-64


  • Windows x64


Currently it is available for Linux, in future For Windows and Solaris will be released.

    • MySQL – Linux x86-64

    • DB2 LUW – Linux x86-64

    • DB2 for zOS – Linux x86-64

    • Teradata – Linux x86-64

  • Some of the features of Oracle GoldenGate 18c for Oracle database is below,

    Autonomous Databases

    OGG 18c supports only Delivery (Replicat) for below,

    • Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

    • Autonomous Transaction Processing

    To replicat to ADWC, you need to use Non-Integrated Replicat processes. It means, you need to use either of the below,

    • Classic Replicat

    • Coordinated Replicat

    • Non-Integrated Parallel Replicat

    Identity Columns

    OGG 18c supports ID columns (Identity Columns) with some conditions,

    • The Database should be Oracle 18c (18.1.0 or 18.3.0).

    • Only DML can be replicated and DDL is not supported.

    • You need to have either Integrated Extract and Integrated Replicat or Integrated Parallel Replicat to use this feature.

    • Classic Extract or Classic Replicat will not support this feature.

    Auto CDR

    From OGG 18c, you can configure Auto CDR the tables with Unique Key (UK) also. But this can be done only when your database is Oracle 18c.


    Composite is sharding is supported by OGG 18c when your database version is Oracle 18c. It allows for sharding using HASH partitions also.

    In Database Row Archival

    OGG 18c enables replication of compressed and invisible rows. But this feature is also supported only when you use Oracle 18c database.

    There are also lot many of features. Currently started testing one by one. Will see all these in detail in my upcoming posts.

    Cheers 🙂

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