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Most of us have moved to CDB (Multi-Tenant) databases. As we all know, only Integrated Extract process supports the CDB model databases and not the Classic Extract process. But it is not the same for the Replicat process. We have several types of Replicat processes available and we can use any type for the CDB model databases.

Below are the list of PDBs in my Container database.

And I have configured the below Oracle GoldenGate processes for the database.

We do know what kind of processes they are. We have Extract and Replicat processes. But do we know,

*which type of processes they are? Classic or Integrated or Coordinated or Parallel?
*to which PDB each REPLICAT is connecting to?
*what are the PDBs registered to the Integrated Extract?
*to which destination or target the pump is sending the data to?

Yes, it is possible by opening the parameter file and check it. And also just giving INFO command to know which type of processes they are.

But if you have huge list of processes running in the same system, it would be tedious.

For this reason, we have an option when creating the process itself which is nothing but “DESCRIPTION”. This option is simple, but very useful.

DESC ‘description’

Description can be given during the creation of the process (adding) or even we can alter the existing process and provide the description. The major advantages of giving a Description to the process is to address the questions mentioned above.

A description should be given with the quotes.

Below is the example on how to add a description during addition of a process.

In the below output you can see the description has been added to the process.

To add a Description to an existing process, below are the steps to be followed.

Firstly, the respective process must be stopped. Let’s stop the replicat SIREPRB,

Now alter the replicat process to add the DESCRIPTION

ALTER process_group process_group_name DESC ‘your description’

Start the replicat process and you can see the DESCRIPTION is being added to it.

Similarly you can do it for pump process as well

Hope this was helpful. Cheers 🙂

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