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Oracle Dataguard vs Oracle GoldenGate

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Oracle Dataguard vs Oracle GoldenGate



1Replication can configured Only between Oracle to OracleHeterogeneous Replication can be done independent of the Database Platforms.
2Use Active Data Guard where emphasis
is on simplicity,
best data protection, data
availability and highest performance.
Use Oracle GoldenGate when a replica database must be
open read-write while replication is active,
or for advanced replication requirements beyond
what is addressed by Active Data Guard
3Secure physical replication, standby database
is open read-only,
it is impossible to modify
standby data independent of
primary transactions
Any requirement where the replica database must be
open read-write while synchronizing with the primary database
4Simplest, fastest, one-way replication
of a complete Oracle Database.
Any advanced replication requirements such as:
multimaster and bidirectional replication, subset replication,
many to one replication, cross endian
replication, and data transformations.
5No requirements for supplemental logging
or performance implications for tables having
no primary key or unique index.
Little if any performance tuning
required at the standby database,
the default configuration handles most workloads.
A Minimal Supplemental Log should be enabled. Some performance
Implications on the tables having no primary key or unique index.
6No restrictions – Oracle Data Guard Redo Apply
supports all Oracle features and transparently
replicates all data and storage types,
PL/SQL packages and DDL without special considerations
Restrictions on support to DATATYPES like XML, BLOB etc.,
7Transparency of backups – an Oracle Data Guard
primary and standby are physically exact copies of
each other, RMAN backups are completely interchangeable.
Only DATA which are replicated are similar to each other. It does
not have transparency of backup.
8Minimize planned downtime and risk using
Data Guard standby. Standby first patching,
database rolling upgrades, and select platform migrations.
Zero downtime for Maintenance and migrations,
but a Bi-Directional replication should be
Reducing planned downtime for various
planned maintenance activities not supported
by Data Guard such as cross-endian
platform migration
or application upgrades etc.,
9A single command will convert a physical
standby database as a test system open read-write
(Snapshot Standby). A second command will convert it
back to a physical standby database and
resynchronize it with the primary.
No such testing is required since both the
systems are in open read-write mode.
10Active Data Guard is a superset of Data Guard
capabilities included with Oracle Enterprise
Edition and can be purchased as the Active
Data Guard Option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.
It is also included with every Oracle GoldenGate license,
offering customers the ability to acquire the
complete set of advanced Oracle replication capabilities
with a single purchase.
Basic Data Guard functionality does not require
a separate license, it is included with
Oracle Enterprise Edition
Need to purchase Oracle GoldenGate license for both Source
Machine and Target Machine. When buying license for GoldenGate
license, Active Dataguard is also included in it.

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